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Attic Conversions

We do attic conversions of all sizes.  We can make a custom garage apartment, attic apartment or mother-in-law suite.  We convert attics into extra living space with fully functional kitchens and baths or we can change it into extra storage space.  We will inspect your space and determine if your existing flooring support will need to be supplemented by installing a load bearing engineered beam.  We will move and add roof support as needed.  We can also add sound reduction walls.  Call RD Construction today for an attic conversion quote.

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Upstairs Landing Conversions & Room Conversions

RD Construction is a complete home remodeling contractor.  We can remodel your upstairs landing into an extra bedroom, game room, home theater room, office or storage space.

We also do room conversions.  We can remove walls, including load bearing walls, to create a larger room floorplan, extra closet or bathroom space and more.    We can add sound reduction walls for a custom home theater room.  Call us for a upstairs landing conversion quote or a room conversion quote and get started on your project with Conroe's preferred home remodeling contractor.  

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